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Ship Visits

  A vital component of the crewing strategy of ELBURG is visiting ships regularly with the objective of keeping attuned to shipboard setting,. Each ship is distinct in terms of type, construction, trade routes, age, ownership nationality and mix of crew and a hose of other factors such that proper understanding of these differences determines of shaping its crewing needs.  Human element in the working environment is equally  important in preserving working efficiency of crew as it greatly influences working behavior.  The crew needs to be regarded as a partner in the workplace instead of a commodity which are used and discarded when their utility is perceived to be no longer needed. The extent to which humans work and the quality of their working efficiency largely depend on how they are treated and motivated.  Thus, ship visits which allow interaction with the ships officers and crew at inter-personal level and relating to the very core of their human existence in a valuable tool in gathering data upon which decisions on policies are formulated.


Ship visits bring the office closer to the crew since it affords opportunity to listen. What they have to say and feel what they feel.  It is the hands-on approach to problem solving or shall we say problem avoidance.  Oftentimes crewing troubles give symptoms and manifestations not directly reflecting the realities which are masked in imbroglios of human smoke screens.  Somehow people tend to assume a lot of things and take for granted much more hoping inwardly that the observer can see thru the issues and understand what they feel and think without the necessity of verbalization of words and actions.



Experience prove that many problems onboard can actually be solved before they occur whether or not consciously or unconsciously done.  That is what ship visit is all about. Besides, putting faces to the people we talk to or communicate with adds more flavor to human understanding.