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Crewing Policy


Recruitment - We recruit  STCW compliant seamen who will undergo intensive screening procedures  thru  testing and interviews to establish their suitability for the position applied for.  It is meant to measure their knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitude for sea service. For applicants with previous sea service, a background inquiry shall be done on his performance and behavior.


  Evaluation/assessments - We make use of proven assessment  methods and instruments in the evaluation process.  We also utilize reputable training centers to conduct assessments based on pre-agreed criteria according to particular requirements of our principals.  For instance, all first time applicants must undergo assessment on safety, and required to undergo re-training if found inadequate.


Training/upgrading - Our ex-crew who have proven themselves will be eligible to avail of our company’s in-house training programs and sponsored out-sourced upgrading schemes.  As a matter of policy, all ex-crew who show consistent trend of performance will have to undergo refresher courses in safety every two years at company expense.

Our company implements a training plan for every shipboard position and conducts periodic review of accredited training centers consistent to our quality assurance system.



Career development - To ensure a stable pool of qualified seamen, we subscribe to a program of career development which commences with cadetship, deck, engineering and catering personnel. The program allows the company to mould officers and crew within a “controlled culture “ identifiable to the company with which the seamen can claim to be a

“family member” and thus holds loyalty to the company.   


  Rotation planning - The concept aims to instill the sense of job security by assuring seafarers of continued employment.  Industry practice is that employment is per contract basis, so seafarers tend to fly from one company to another thus leaving the company no recourse but to “fish” for last minute replacements from alternative sources.  A good rotation plan affords a stable reserve pool of qualified seamen in all respects without costly familiarization, retraining,  teamwork adjustments.
  Crew performance monitoring Our company in coordination with its principals, implements a system of performance evaluation at given intervals as means of monitoring. Such reports are entered in the data and used as bases for decisions to rehire as well as to identify individual training needs.
  And finally, we aim to provide not only employment but also opportunities for shore jobs while on vacation or when they finally decide to give up sea life.   Shipboard works are becoming complex and demanding thus becoming stressful for those nearing retirement age.  Giving and motivating is a self-imposed moral obligation which we graciously accept and regard with high importance and priority.